Waterblog – Imaginative no?

No? haha.. We thought we were being clever. Again. 

But you know what? We’re sticking with it, at least if/until we come up with a better title. I reckon we’ll get through a mother load of tea & biscuits before that happens, and, let’s not forget, we’ve got actual work to do. 

What do we do here at KSB Towers? 

Apart from writing witty blog posts you mean? Well we make sure you and our many clients are happy. Right now that means preparing and opening customers swimming pools ready for the long hot summer we’re going to have. 

(I think we all deserve one after the last 12 months we’ve had don’t you?) 

We also pick and prepare orders for cleaning chemicals for our customers ready for them to collect. 

We keep an eye on stock levels – especially on the hot tubs because they have a habit of selling fast while no-one’s watching! ( Well usually they do, we have a bit of a lag at the moment, more on that in another post soon…) 

What else? No that’s it. Oh hold on, we make sure our brand new website (the one you’re reading this post on) is up to date and looking good. So, regular blog posts, new pictures and videos to keep our Youtube channel viewers happy too. 

All this takes up a LOT of tea & biscuits. And the odd slice or two of lemon drizzle cake and maybe some chocolate. 

Well you did ask what do we do all day…

Or did we just tell you anyway? Possibly

That’s it for now, look out for our next post about the backlog in getting hot tubs delivered to us all the way from Canada. 

Til then, take care.