KSB Pools & Tubs are a sister business to Kent Sectional Buildings – the creator of the finest bespoke garden buildings and garden rooms in the South East of England. 

We were asked by a client some time ago if we knew anyone who could build a swimming pool for him. Yes we said, you’re looking at him! 

Actually we rubbed our collective chins and thought ‘how hard can it be?’  then plunged right in…

But designing, building & installing swimming pools takes its toll. It’s hard graft and they’re notoriously difficult to get right. 

So after quite a few years and constant reminders from our lower backs and knees, we decided to concentrate instead on supplying cleaning chemicals & accessories

And we offer a ‘Open & Close’ service for your swimming pool too, whereby we prepare and open the pool in Spring and reverse the process in late Autumn before Winter sets in. 

We are also an approved distributor for Beachcomber hot tubs. But… 

Up until a year ago, we were selling the hot tubs, cleaning chemicals and accessories and proving after care maintenance and spare parts. 

However, since the covid pandemic, it has been virtually impossible to get hold of any as they are imported from Canada. 

So, we’re going to stick to selling chemicals & accessories and offering maintenance because we can’t take orders until we know we can fulfil them, it just isn’t on.

For any spare parts or if you need any maintenance taken care of, please just ask us – you can reach us

on 01227 738 374 or drop us a  line via email to